Security Deposit Assistance Program (SDAP)

Pathways will administer SDAP funds primarily to individuals or families that are literally homeless or in imminent risk of entering homelessness. Households that do not present to Pathways high barriers of maintaining housing, are not in immediate need of additional financial or rental assistance are the primary target for Pathways’ SDAP funds.

Application Process

Potential clients will contact Pathways to receive an application for SDAP enrollment. All applications will be reviewed within 48 hours and applicant will be contacted in regards to their eligibility. Applications and assistance will be handled on a "first-come, first-served" basis. Before approval, client households will undergo a barrier assessment to guarantee there is no further need for assistance or ongoing case-management.

Eligibility Guidelines

SDAP funds will only be committed to households qualified as low-income (60% of the Area Median Income). Applicants must have secured access or intent to rent for an available rental unit prior to their applying. Application approval and service disbursement will be based on the availability of funds.  Pathways will not maintain a waitlist for applicants. SDAP funds are intended for those literally homeless and they will be given priority; applicants in permanent housing are eligible for service provided either:


1. There is a pending eviction scheduled within 14 days with a signed and dated notice of eviction.


2.  Applicant’s gross rent comprises 50% or more of their monthly income and assistance is sought to secure more affordable permanent housing.


3. Applicant is living in substandard housing or below the occupancy standards and assistance is sought to secure permanent housing that is more suitable or safe.

4. At the discretion of the Executive Director it is determined that the applicant’s enrollment will strengthen Pathways’ working relationship with 3rd-party community organizations that will further our mission in ending homelessness in the Yankton area.