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Night By Night Emergency Shelter

The Night by Night (NBN) program was designed with the intent purpose of giving individuals a place to stay comfortably for the night if the need arises. Check in begins at 7pm. A PBT will be conducted for each individual entering the NBN each evening. Afterwards a search will be conducted to ensure any individual does not have any contraband items. From there individuals will be directed to either the separate men’s or separate woman’s wings. Individuals will receive a bed number, padlock, and locker to store their belongings in for the night. After that the individual is free to shower (10-15 min limit) and relax for the night until lights out.

Guidelines for NBN Emergency Shelter

General Guidelines and Procedures

  • Individuals must be age 18 or older. Individuals under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

  • Waiting period (line up) begins 1 hour before check-in begins. Night By Night Shelter guests are not allowed on property prior to that.

  • Check-in takes place from 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM every night of the week.

  • Client will agree to a bag search and metal detector search. Any contraband will be properly discarded. Law enforcement will be notified if illegal substance is found. 

  • Clients are allowed ONE bag. Lockers are available for safe overnight storage (no cost).

  • An evening meal is provided. Sack lunch is provided in the morning upon checkout. 

Barriers from entering NBN Emergency Shelter

  • Must have no active warrants or pending charges.

  • Must not be on the sex offender registry.

  • Must complete a PBT with a result of 0.08 or below

Rules of NBN Emergency Shelter

  • Quiet time begins at 9pm. Lights out at 10 pm. Doors will lock at 10 PM. Any guest that leaves the property after being admitted will not be readmitted.

  • Guests who are under the influence or needing detox will not be admitted. Guests above the legal limit will not be allowed to utilize the shelter for their own safety.

  • All guests must consent to PBT, searches, metal detector, & photo for HMIS. 

  • Guests allowed only 1 bag and 1 locker in the facility. Guests can store a items in the alley shed. Belongings can only be retrieved by NBN staff, are subject to searches, and will be disposed of it left abandoned.

  • Only guests that have been checked in by staff are allowed on property. Guests  must be off property by 7am. NBN guests will not be allowed to visit Tier 2 or YTP participants. Guests must strip their beds upon check out.

  • Guests who damage property or assault others will be barred from future services for 30 days. Each offense after this will add another 30 days until lifted. No physical violence, verbal violence, threats, hate speech, slurs, bullying, or threatening behavior will not be tolerated. 

  • Pets are not allowed and guests who cannot find alternative homes for their pets must sign a Temporary Pet Holding Agreement with Heartland Humane Society.

  • Guests must use street parking. There is no parking in the alley. Guests that are not respectful of neighbors property & privacy will be barred from future services.

  • There is a smoking section outside the alley vestibule. No smoking in the shelter.

  • NBN guests are only allowed in their sleeping rooms, bathrooms and basement common areas. Visits during office hours will be allowed by appointment only.

  • After 20 bed nights. guests must complete an assessment and case plan with a goal of exiting NBN. 

  • Guests must enter and exit through the main vestibule unless escorted by staff, or in case of emergency.

  • Pathways provides one hot meal for our guests daily. Guests can inquire about an additional sandwich if they need. 

  • Guests may utilize early waiting period before check in from 6pm-7pm.

  • Hygiene is an important part of self care. Guests are required to bathe daily. Guests are also required to use at least the fitted sheet provided when making their bed each night. This is purely related to cleanliness and sanitization of the beds. 

  • Rule violations will result in a written warning. First offense is a 2 day bar from services, second offense is a 1 week bar, and third offense is barred for 30 days.

  • Those requesting that a bed be reserved for them due to work schedule must provide verification of employment. They must call on the day they need the reservation and speak to a staff member about reserving the bed for that night. This must be done the day-of. Long term or recurring reservations will not be accepted.

  • These rules are subject to change. Pathways staff will notify guests and update documentation as needed.

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