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LeRoy A.

LeRoy’s story is an example of how difficult it can be to find housing in Yankton.

        LeRoy has experience multiple health episodes throughout his life that has caused several physical disabilities. For this reason, he receives Social Security Disability Insurance income at only $652/month. He is physically unable to work. LeRoy is fortunate to have a motorized scooter that helps him get around. He must also carry an oxygen tank with him wherever he goes.


        LeRoy’s set income drastically limits his option for housing. With the median rent in town sitting at $565 for a one-bedroom, that would mean 86% of his income would go towards rent each month. That would leave a small amount for necessities, groceries and other items.


        For several years, LeRoy had been staying with a sibling just south of Yankton in Nebraska. The sibling felt it was time for LeRoy to find his own place, as their house was rather secluded and LeRoy could not travel to nearby towns on his motorized scooter. This is when he turned to Pathways for assistance.


        As soon as LeRoy entered Pathways, staff helped him complete applications for the subsidized properties in Yankton. His health conditions made him a good candidate for a 1-BR apartment with one of these companies. LeRoy was approved and we were told the wait for this apartment would be 30 days. 30 days turned into 60 days, which turned into 90, then 120. Finally at day 127, the apartment was available.


        Delays this extreme are not common. The wait for our clients can be anywhere from two weeks to two months. LeRoy had no other options, so we wanted to give him a place to stay until we could be sure he would not experience
homelessness again.


To this day, LeRoy and his dog, Bear, are living comfortably in their apartment.

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