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Pathways Youth Services

Pathways receives funds to operate early-intervention services for households experiencing homelessness aged 18-24. The goal of these programs is to break the cycle of homelessness early, and teach these young adults the life skills they need to be successful long-term. To access Youth Services, participants must be referred through the South Dakota Coordinated Entry System. Those interested can contact South Dakota Housing for the Homeless Consortium to complete an intake assessment by calling 1-800-664-1346. Those with questions regarding Youth Services can contact Yasmine here.

Youth Transitional Housing

Our Youth Transitional Home provides transitional living and case management services for households aged 18-24. This is a communal living environment where participants have a safe environment to stabilize. Their housing stability creates security that motivates them to overcome other barriers in their lives.

Youth Rapid Re Housing

A HUD funded program for young individuals between the age 18-24 who are experiencing homelessness. The program offers monthly case management to work on life skills and get connected with supportive services to meet the goals of each participant. This program can support individuals up to 2 years or until the participant turns 25, whichever comes first. Case management will help lower barriers to maintain permanent housing, with housing first being the main priority. To know if you qualify for this service, you must go through our Coordinated Entry System for an initial assessment of needs.

Youth Action Board (YAB)

YAB, created in 2020, is a group of young individuals leading the way to make changes and address youth homelessness and housing insecurity. Since 2020, the YAB has expanded to 100+ participants in South Dakota.

Mission: YAB’s mission is to created change and innovative solutions to address young adult housing insecurity. We aim to foster a caring and compassionate environment where young people can feel safe, loved and empowered to succeed. Our audience include the community, young people, and decision makers. We strive to work collaboratively to make a lasting impact on you adults in our community affected by housing insecurity.


Vision: Youth Abolishing Barriers

Are you an individual between the ages 18-24 that have lived experience with housing challenges? Are you passionate about supporting positive change to prevent homelessness?
If you are interested in joining the YAB, contact our Youth Case Manager.

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