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Pathways' Community Transition Program

Through a partnership with South Dakota Department of Corrections, Pathways provides 8 beds for men needing placement when re-entering society. All referrals MUST come directly from DOC. If someone is interested in this program, they must inquire with their Parole Officer. 

Guidelines for Pathways' Community Transition Program

Please click here for our Welcome Packet

Guidelines for Admission

Intakes will take place Monday – Friday between 9 A.M. and 4 P.M. Pathways’ staff will obtain a background check from the Yankton County Clerk of Courts (free of charge) prior to the intake. No intake will take place without confirmation from the YPD that there are no active warrants. Pending charges must be discussed with Pathways’ staff.  

Pathways Shelter for the Homeless is a privately-run facility and has the right to refuse service to anybody. 

The following criteria must be met in order for the individual to be considered for Pathways: ​

  • Interested parties must inquire about Pathways CTP with their DOC case manager or parole. Pathways must receive a referral from DOC. 

  • Client must maintain contact with their parole officer throughout their stay with Pathways.

  • Individuals suffering from mental illness must be connected with Lewis & Clark Behavioral Health Services, Horizon Healthcare, or a similar agency, before entering shelter. We are not licensed counselors or therapists and cannot provide the necessary help in those situations.

  • No individuals on the sex offender registry.

  • Individuals with 3+ violent charges in the past year will not be allowed. We have children and families in our facility and we need to ensure our shelter is safe.

  • No one needing detox (current drug/alcohol use)

  • The individual must be able to live independently, meaning without 24/7 supervision. 

These guidelines are subject to change. Pathways’ staff will update these and share the changes with pertinent agencies as necessary. 

Rules of Emergency Shelter for Families

Pathways has some zero tolerance rules related to safety. Our #1 priority is always to keep our shelter and participants safe!

  • Safety ​

    • Physical violence, verbal abuse, threats, hate speech, slurs, bullying, or threatening behavior between participants in programming or staff will be cause for immediate removal from programming.

    • Anyone who is in possession of or under the influence of drugs or alcohol will immediately be asked to leave. This is for the safety of all those on Pathways property. 

      • Pathways recognizes that some of our participants may be prescribed medicinal cannabis. Marijuana is still illegal at the federal level. We are unable to have it on our property. This includes, but is not limited to, Delta 8, Delta 9,  or other forms of legal cannabis.

        • Those with medical cards must provide a copy of a valid card upon intake. They cannot have marijuana on Pathways property. They are welcome to set up a designated caregiver by registering with the state of South Dakota. This caregiver will maintain possession of the cannabis product(s) at their own property.

      • Pathways has the right to ask for random alcohol breath-tests at any time. Refusal to complete this test when asked is also grounds for program removal.

      • All participants must perform a daily alcohol breath-test prior to 10:00 PM curfew to ensure we maintain a sober living environment. Missed Preliminary Breath Tests (PBT) are grounds for removal from the program. Anybody who completes a PBT early and then leaves the property will be required to complete another prior to curfew .

      • Pathways has the right to search any personal items on Pathways property at any time. This includes vehicles parked in our parking lot. If we suspect contraband in a vehicle, we will partner with the Yankton Police Department to assist in searching that vehicle. Search parameters also include the lockers in rooms 9-12.

        • If alcohol is found in a participant’s possession, we will discard the alcohol and remove the individual from programming immediately. The participant will have the opportunity to use Night by Night if desired, as well as have access to Pathways’ financial assistance programs and the Shop & Move program. 

        • If any schedule I or II drugs are found in a participant’s possession, we will contact the proper authorities and the participant will lose access to all of Pathways’ programs for six months. 

    • Curfew is 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM. We ask that you stay in your room during curfew hours. One night’s absence from curfew is grounds for removal from the program.

      • You do have the ability to request a furlough from curfew for up to 4 nights. This must be requested 24-hours in advance. If interested in this, speak to your case manager.

    • Pathways also has the right to remove individuals from services who are having other unsafe behavior, or behavior that jeopardizes their stability or the stability of others in the program.

      • Examples of this include but are not limited to: mental health crisis, gambling, loss of employment due to negligence, frivolous spending, etc.

    • Young children should not be left unattended, indoors or outdoors. It is your responsibility to care for and keep your children safe.

      • Children under the age of ten cannot be without adult supervision.

    • Surveillance cameras are in use at all times. They have audio and video recording in indoor and outdoor spaces. By staying at Pathways, you consent to being recorded on those devices. 

The rest of our rules are a 3-strike policy. ​​

  • Inspiration

    • Employment or some form of income must be gained by participants by their 30th day in shelter. 

      • Participants must provide staff with a copy of their work schedule upon finding work. Work Schedule reminders will be issued if you forget. You can do this!

      • Participants must provide staff with a proof of income to ensure case managers are assisting with locating housing that is affordable and realistic for the household.

    • All Households are required to check in with their case manager at least once per week. This can be in person, via email, via text message, or phone call.

      • There is required case-management paperwork that must be completed as well. Lack of follow through on check-ins or paperwork will result in a written warning.

    • Extensions are offered in 30-day increments based on a set of eligibility criteria. This criteria is provided to all households upon intake.

      • Extension criteria is related to case goals. Employment and Housing are top priorities. 

      • Pathways staff is here to support you! Don’t be afraid to ask for help. 

  • Community

    • During your stay, requesting assistance on Facebook or other platforms is not allowed. Please discuss your needs with your case manager, and we will make referrals to other agencies that we partner with or use donated items as available to help you. We have many community partners that assist us, so if you need something, just ask!

    • Participants can receive mail at Pathways address. Any mail received more than two business days after the household has moved out will be sent back Return-To-Sender.

    • Once a household moves out of Tier 2 shelter successfully, they will remain on Aftercare Services for 6 weeks.

      • Aftercare participants can continue to follow up with case managers regarding other services they are eligible for.

    • Households with children enrolled in Yankton School District have the ability to check out a school-issued laptop to complete homework assignments. Speak to your case manager for details!

    • Pathways has a volunteer willing to bake birthday cakes for those in shelter celebrating a birthday. Contact your case manager for details.

  • Respect

    • Respect the building/facilities of Pathways

      • Purposeful damages will not be tolerated. This will be considered a zero tolerance rule.

      • No smoking in the shelter rooms. There is a designated smoking area outside (near the end of the building, near rooms #11 & 12)  with a container for cigarette butts. Lit cigarettes must remain within the smoking area. 

        • At this time, we do allow smoking past curfew. This is not a time to socialize or request things from staff. This privilege can be revoked at any time if it is abused.

        • Medical Cannabis cannot be consumed on property. You are welcome to smoke that off grounds in a manner that abides by law.

      • No candles in the rooms. Getting wax out of things is very difficult.

      • No hair dying in the rooms. Getting hair dye out of things is very difficult.

      • No space heaters are allowed in the rooms. This is a fire safety hazard.

      • If you have maintenance concerns regarding your shelter room, please bring it to the attention of staff as soon as possible.

    • Respect other program participants

      • Participants are not allowed in any other room except for the one that they are assigned.

    • Visitors are also not allowed into the shelter rooms for the safety and privacy of everyone in the shelter. Police, Emergency Medical staff, child protective services, or other service agencies may be allowed into the shelter rooms on a case-by-case basis or in the case of emergency.

    • Only the ADA room or family rooms have the ability to accommodate Emotional Support Animals or Pets. Pathways recognizes that registered disability service animals are not pets, and are medical equipment trained to complete tasks to assist those with disabilities. Documentation of disability and services the animal provides will be requested.

      • Participants are asked not to obtain pets while in shelter due to the difficulty that creates in finding housing. If an emotional support animal or pet is not present on the day of intake, the household will not be allowed to obtain an animal later on in their enrollment.

    • Respect Pathways staff

      • Visitors must check in with the staff on duty when they arrive to visit a program participant.

        • Visitors cannot show up unannounced. They must be invited by a participant in the shelter program.

        • Visitors cannot be on property during curfew hours (10:00 PM - 6:00 AM)

        • No cross-program visiting will be allowed. Night By Night Guests cannot visit Tier 2 Participants. Youth Transitional Home participants cannot visit Tier 2 participants. Tier 2 participants cannot visit those in the Night By Night Shelter or Youth Transitional Home.

        • Pathways has the right to bar visitors from our property if we feel it is necessary for the safety of participants.

        • Pathways has the right to end visits if staff feel it is necessary for the safety of participants.

        • Visitors must abide by shelter rules when on Pathways property.

    • Respect yourself

      • Please bathe yourself daily and take care of your hygiene. It’s important! We will provide you with hygiene products if you do not have any.

      • Please be fully clothed when outside of your room for respect of yourself and others.

      • Please do not walk around outside barefoot for your safety.

  • Integrity

    • Participants are responsible for keeping their own space clean. 

      • Rooms with roommates can split cleaning tasks between themselves in whichever way they choose (a chore rotation, taking turns, assigning tasks, splitting the room into areas, etc.)

      • Staff complete room checks daily to ensure the cleanliness of our shelter.

      • Please remove all trash and food waste on a daily basis.

      • If you are interested in earning volunteer hours towards the furniture donation program, feel free to ask staff about volunteering to clean other spaces outside of your shelter room (laundry room, kitchen, lobby, etc.)

    • Storage space in the shelter rooms must be shared between roommates.

      • Participants who have many belongings can speak to their case manager about additional storage options

    • Pathways is not responsible for lost or stolen items. It is your responsibility to care for your belongings. In rooms with roommates, lockers can be used to lock up valuable or important items.

      • When you move out, if there are items that you must leave behind due to lack of space or time to move everything at once, we understand! Please put your belongings into a box/bag, label it, and bring it to the staff. We will hold them for you for up to 48 hours.

      • If you move out unexpectedly (hospital, jail, etc.) staff or volunteers will pack up your items for you. You or someone on your behalf must contact Pathways within 48 hours so that we know how to proceed with your belongings. You are welcome to arrange for a friend or family member to pick up your belongings for you.

      • After the 48 hour holding period, there is no guarantee that your items can be returned to you.

    • Pathways has a formalized grievance procedure to ensure participants are treated fairly, and in accordance with Pathways mission, values, policies, and procedures. Any participant can request a grievance form at any time from any staff member.

  • Excellence

    • During your stay here, you are expected to prepare your own meals for yourself and your household members.

      • Your room has a mini fridge and microwave. You are able to use those items in your room for food storage and reheating/cooking. All large scale cooking must be done in the kitchen.

      • Any cooking appliances other than the provided microwave must be used in the kitchen. It is a fire hazard to have additional appliances in the shelter rooms.

      • Participants must sign up for use of the kitchen, and are required to clean up after themselves and do their own dishes. 

      • All Pathways-owned cookware items must stay in the kitchen.

    • Pathways offers free laundry services for participants in our Tier 2 Shelter program.

      • Participants must sign up for laundry at the front desk. If you are not signed up, you cannot use the laundry room at that time. Please list your first name and room number on the laundry sign up sheet.

      • Laundry is available from 6:00 AM - 9:00 PM.

      • Participants are responsible for cleaning up after themselves in the laundry room. If they leave the laundry room a mess, the privilege of using the laundry room may be revoked.

    • Pathways offers free ride services for participants in our Tier 2 shelter program.

      • Rides take place Monday through Friday at 9:00 am, 11:00 am, 1:00 pm, and 3:00 pm. 

      • Participants can be dropped off or picked up at one of four pick up/drop off locations inside of Yankton City Limits.

      • The ride sign up is at the front desk.

      • For long-distance rides, participants must discuss this possibility with their case manager at least 1-week in advance. These rides are not guaranteed, but case managers will do their best to accommodate.

    • Pathways sometimes receives Bicycle donations from our community. If participants want a bike, they must speak to their case manager about being added to the list. Bikes will be distributed as available.

      • Please do not do maintenance on the bicycles on Pathways property unless approved by staff. Please do not take bicycles apart that are not assigned to you.

    • Pathways operates several financial assistance programs with several different types of requirements. For further information, or to begin the intake process, contact your case manager.

    • Pathways operates a furniture donation program where participants can receive furniture items upon completing 5 hours of volunteer work per household, or paying $50 to access the program. Volunteer hours must be tracked and reported to staff.

  • Responsible Stewardship

    • Participants will receive one room key. If you lose your key, you will be fined $5 to replace it.

      • If you are in rooms 9-12, you will also receive a locker key. The same $5 replacement fee will apply to lost locker keys as well.

    • Please keep your doors and windows closed when the heating or cooling system is on. It can be very expensive to heat/cool our building. The heating and cooling system works best if doors and windows are kept closed.

      • If participants in the room are keeping the doors and windows closed as intended and there are still heating/cooling issues, please inform a staff member.

    • The Tier 2 program is offered as a 90-day emergency shelter program that assists participants with gaining employment and housing. This program does have a cost associated with it. 

      • Households with children are unable to utilize the free Night By Night Shelter program. Due to this, these households can utilize the Tier 2 shelter program for the first 30-days free of charge. Days 31-60 are $5 per day; Days 61-90 are $7 per day. 90 shelter days is the maximum length of stay.

      • Households who have accessibility needs are unable to access the Night By Night Shelter program due to not being able to go up and down the stairs. Due to this, these households can utilize the Tier 2 shelter program for the first 30-days free of charge. Days 31-60 are $5 per day; Days 61-90 are $7 per day. 90 shelter days is the maximum length of stay.

      • Individual adult households are able to utilize the Night By Night Shelter program completely free of charge. Because of this, individuals will be charged the $5 per day extended stay fee from their first day in Tier 2 Shelter. Days 31-60 are $7 per day, and days 61-90 are $10 per day.

    • Pathways can provide a gas voucher for households who have their own vehicles. That is limited to a maximum of $50 per month. This is also based on availability and will not always be possible.

    • Pathways can assist in paying for birth certificate replacements or ID replacements for those in our shelter programs. This service can be provided one time every 12 months.

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