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Pathways' Expansion

Since the middle of 2017, Pathways has had a waiting list to enter shelter. We were not in a place to expand back then, so we worked diligently with individuals on the waiting list to get them into shelter as quickly as possible, while helping them find a safe place to stay while waiting to enter shelter. In the middle of 2019, Pathways performed a feasibility study to determine the best steps for adding additional space. It was decided that the most efficient way to increase capacity was to convert Pathways' basement into rooms for shelter. 

In December of 2019, Pathways paid off the mortgage on our facility and became debt free. Immediately following, Pathways staff began searching for ways to fund the expansion. Throughout 2020, Pathways secured enough funds to cover the project. Construction officially began in January 2021. Operations of the new Night By Night Shelter program began in February 2022.

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