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Phase Two - Transitional Living

In the early months of 2021, we received an opportunity to purchase a property that is adjacent to our location at 412 E 4th Street. The property contains two older homes that have been used as single-family rentals in previous years. This entire project is funded through a Community Development Block Grant, for which the City of Yankton serves as the fiscal sponsor. 

Due to Pathways' growing staff and expanding need for our services, we decided to temporarily use one home (that is in very good shape) as office space. Two of our staff hold office at 500 E 4th Street, and the space is also used for staff meetings, and client meetings with staff.

Phase Two consists of three parts, which are described below. 



Step 1 - Accessibility

Pathways previously had no accessible space in the facility. (ramps for wheel chair, walker, and can users) None of our shelter rooms were ADA compliant. For this reason, one of the steps was to make all public space of our facility ADA accessible. This meant adding a ramp to our main facility, which will allow access to all public spaces. We also converted the previous Case Manager's office into an ADA accessible room, so we can have a room that has accessible amenities for at least one household. Step one was completed in October 2022.

Phase 2 - Office.jpg

Phase 2 Photos

Step 2 - Accessibility & Transitional Living

The property at 500 E 4th Street, otherwise known as "The Williams Annex", is currently being used by staff as office space and for meetings, as explained above. In October 2022, we completed some minor cosmetic work (gutters, downspouts, new roof, and an accessible ramp). Long-term, however, this property will be converted into two-two bedroom transitional living units. Pathways does not have the funds to perform this work currently, but hopefully can accomplish this once securing the funds to build additional office space. 

Phase 2 - Williams Annex.jpg

Step 3 - Governor's Home for Transitional Living

The property at 504 E 4th Street has a wide variety of structural issues that make renovation expensive and senseless. For this reason, the structure will be torn down as economically as possible (re-use parts on other projects) and a three-bedroom Governor's Home will be installed over a poured basement. Eventually, the basement will be used as a separate three-bedroom transitional living apartment. The brand-new Governor's Home will provide a comfortable and dignified space for clients to learn positive rental skills. This is on track to be completed Summer 2024.

Governor's Home Main Floor Plan.jpg
Governor's Home Basement Plan.jpg
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