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Cassi F.

        Cassi’s story is an example of how great collaboration can be when we work together. Cassi is a single mother with a 2 year-old son and one on the way. She works full-time and has childcare for her son.

        Cassi’s boyfriend (and her son’s father) was sent to prison for several years. In the meantime, Cassi had been staying with her boyfriend’s family, mainly so they could help with her son. After a few months, things grew sour and Cassi needed to find her own place. She was being treated with disrespect, and they weren’t helping much with her son anymore. She did not know how to look for housing on her own either, so the thought of finding her own apartment was intimidating.

        Cassi’s caseworker with the Department of Social Services referred her to Pathways. Our staff connected Cassi with multiple apartment properties in town and assisted with the application process. Within 20 days, Cassi moved into an affordable apartment. Things were looking up!

        About a month after moving into her new apartment, Cassi began having car issues. Staff from Pathways helped Cassi reach out to several mechanics in town. We eventually found one that would tow the vehicle and diagnose it at no cost. It

turned out that the cost to fix her vehicle would be more than the car was worth, so she decided not to do the repairs and rely on rides until she could save money for a new vehicle.

        The next day Pathways received a call about a generous community member wishing to donate a vehicle. We connected that individual with Cassi, and she had a new vehicle within 24 hours. It turned out that vehicle had several issues that

needed to be addressed, and Cassi didn’t have the extra money to pay for the repairs. Pathways connected Cassi with a church willing to pay for the repairs, and we found a mechanic to do the work. Once the repairs were complete, the repair shop called us and informed us there would be no charge for the services provided.

        Talk about an amazing turn of events! Cassi is an extremely hard worker, an excellent mother and deserved to be the recipient of this wonderful chain of events.

        Since Cassi’s stay at Pathways, she has had her baby and everyone is in good health. She continues to work full-time and remains in her new apartment.

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