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Daniel was previously living in an apartment with his girlfriend. He was working full time at a manufacturing plant in Yankton. When he and his girlfriend decided to go their separate ways and Daniel broke his hand, he was living off his savings. Daniel was trying to pay the rent while being unable to work, and no longer having a second income in the household. 


He applied for rental assistance at the Rural Office of Community Services, but it wasn't enough. He came into Pathways, utilized some of our programming such as a Cooking and Nutrition class, and the Ready to Rent class. He found a new apartment with more affordable rent, and his hand fully healed and he was able to go back to work. 


He is now living in his new apartment. There were a lot of barriers for Daniel even before he came into shelter. He was unable to fill out applications with his hand broken, and did not have a computer, printer, or fax machine to turn in applications once they were completed. This is just one of the many aspects that can play into how quickly someone is able to obtain housing on their own.


Daniel has since returned to Pathways to volunteer with our organization.

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