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Michael & Stacy

Michael & Stacy have three children, ages 7, 8 and 8. Stacy was living in Yankton with the children, while Michael was finishing up some loose ends in Colorado. They were told Michael could be added to the rental lease when he arrived in Yankton. Upon his arrival, however, Michael was denied access to the lease. Michael was unable to work at this time due to physical injuries, and Stacy was without work. They were unable to afford rent. With the money they had left, they moved to a motel and looked for options. Feeling defeated and embarrassed, Michael and Stacy reached out to Pathways for help. With temporary shelter secured, Stacy was able to find work immediately. Michael secured his disability insurance. Their children were able to focus on school. After a few weeks at Pathways, Michael, Stacy and their children moved into a 3 bedroom apartment. 


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